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Benefits of Inverter air conditioning technology, is it really worth it ?

Inverter air conditioning units are more expensive than it’s traditional fixed speed counterparts but with the current spiraling energy costs, is it worth the extra rand’s?

Let’s see what the benefits are of an inverter air conditioning compared with a non inverter air conditioning:

Benefits of Inverter air conditioning

  • The efficiency of air conditioners is enhanced since the start/stop cycles are eliminated. Hence, quicker cooling or heating can be attained.
  • At least 30% – 60% cheaper to run as it consumes less power.
  • Far quicker to achieve desired temperature.
  • The start up time is reduced by 30%.
  • No temperature fluctuations, maximizing comfort level.
  • No voltage peaks from compressor.
  • The life of the components is also extended for the same reason.
  • All inverter air conditioning are heat pumps which in itself is one of the  most energy efficient form of heating.
  • Sharp fluctuations in the load that the air conditioner puts on the power supply are also eliminated.
  • Inverter air conditioners are cheaper to operate and are less prone to breakdowns.
  • The outdoor unit is normally quieter than that of conventional air conditioners.
  • They are more stable in operation and work without any fluctuations.

Video comparison of traditional Fixed Speed units vs. Inverter types


It is safe to say that the new Inverter technology is definitely the way ahead i.t.o. energy efficiency and short to medium term savings. Inverter technology has been around for quite a while now, +/- 10 years give or take and is becoming more popular in the wake of government energy restrictions and ultimate savings.



Van Biljoens
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